A global experience in yield, market and technologies analysis

Rethinking expertise and developing it to serve the market

KiloWattsol offers strong and innovative expert advisory services for technical and strategic decision support on a global market. 

The permanent research-oriented mindset of our experts nourishes their understanding of behaviours and risks associated with Energy projects, delivering a true second reading through their studies, endorsed by leading sponsors and lenders.

kiloWattsol has spent more than 15 years engineering its own computing-platform and devotes 20% of its resources to research and development which enables us to be ahead of the game and support our customers in innovative or pioneering subjects.

Created and managed for over 15 years by Xavier Daval 

More than 15,000 projects studied worldwide

An experienced, international team of analysts 

France's leading provider of technical advice on solar energy, 

we operate on a global scale to help companies companies in the solar energy market:

Every project is unique. kiloWattsol supports clients and their projects all over the world. Thanks to their expertise, their flexibility and their smart approach our team enables our clients to develop complex projects with specific technologies while minimising their risks. We provide customised studies leading to the most appropriate solution.

As a trusted advisor of the biggest investors in the field, kiloWattsol helps its clients to discover opportunities and achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.

Discover Kilowattsol's approach through the different themes of photovoltaic projects and technical studies.

kiloWattsol offers a machine-learning approach to decipher the behaviour of a PV project.

Floating PV

New  technologies need innovative approaches to reveal their performance and support the best opportunities. 

Dealing with large volumes of small PV assets, taking into account risk-reduction and mitigation benefits, without compromising accuracy.

Assessing performance of the back-side with ray-tracing and dynamic albedo models.