An industrial approach suited for the growth of the pv market

Since 2019, Kilowattsol has supported its clients in the industrialisation of solar energy. To this end our team of scientists is building tools to process yield studies of a larg volum of PV plants. This tool allows for a clear understanding of a portfolio of projects while procceding with an individual yield study for each plant.

Kilowattsol has had the occasion of testing its tools with several clients around the world. 

KWS was appointed by Systeko, one of the first PV rooftop developers in the French islands, to perform yield assessments. KWS carried out simulations of over 700 complex rooftop projects in Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guinea in a short amount of time. 

Satellite data can be less accurate in islands or for sites near the sea due to the presence of microclimates and the glitter effect. 

Illustration of a portfolio of PVrooftops @kilowattsol

Therefore, in its endeavour to be as accurate as possible, KWS has developed a method which integrates data measured on site by MeteoFrance's weather stations to its own simulation platform, thereby reducing the uncertainty on the irradiation. 

440 projects of the 700+ were consolidated into a single portfolio for financing. KWS performed the technical due diligence of this portfolio advising the lender on costs and market practice.

Thanks to a tool deployed internally by our teams, Kilowattsol has developped a process to analyse a large volum of energy yield studies even if they present design or components complexities. 

This approach was created to meet our client’s increasing rush demands and to handle a large volume of deliverable studies that represented a significant workload. Site coordinates can be found anywhere on earth, regardless of tilt, technology, power or PR… In short, here is the industrialization of the site study process. 

A new scale that resonates with the production of solar energy and projects is to be expected in the coming years.

A production analysed quickly while still maintaining accuracy

Our method allows us to process a large volume of studies of deliverable but also to adapt the processing speed. Depending on the required process constraints, kiloWattsol is able to offer tailor-made services and significantly reduce the lead time for rush projects. This flexibility, which does not affect the accuracy or quality of the studies, is unique. For 15 years, kiloWattsol has been developing methods and tools that it adapts to handle complex projects and support its customers with technological innovations.

The kiloWattsol team has developed this rapid processing solution to meet the growing demand and needs of solar project carriers. Aware of the change in scale that is the fiels is experiencing, it offers efficient, innovative and scalable means according to the projects targeted with a declining price concept particularly suitable for holders of large project portfolios. Our solution has been tested since the beginning of 2021 and approved by several international companies such as Systeko.