Our vision and our ambition for solar energy

kiloWattsol is convinced that solar power is the energy of the 21st century. This smart, universal and resilient zero carbon energy uses both mature and evolving technology which can be quickly implemented. Worldwide needs in energy are growing and renewable energies are opening many doors towards developments and market opportunities.

The company kiloWattsol was founded in 2007 by Xavier Daval, CEO and President of the solar commission for the Renewable Energy Syndicate (SER) and board member of the Global Solar Council. He has acquired a broad vision and global expertise in the field of solar power through many years of experience.

Being experts exclusively in the solar field, kiloWattsol's team is passionate and works towards to enabling the growth of the solar market. Having reviewed 15,000 projects in 54 countries, kiloWattsol is aiming to become a preferential partner in solar development.

In a constantly evolving market solar actors need special support. kiloWattsol is there for its clients at every step of the photovoltaic projects, accompanying them through a step by step approach. This allows them to manage their projects with a comprehensive middle and long-term vision of their project's behaviour. 

Thanks to its computing power and deeply rooted scientific skills used to create advanced and tailor-made digital technologies, kilowattsol is a unique partner in maximising the financial return of investments and increasing confidence in project’s success. 

kiloWattsol has made the choice to develop digital tools offering a deep analysis reserved for technical complexity and larg plants.