CSR Policies

Since 2007, kiloWattsol is an independent solar expert supporting photovoltaic and renewable energy actors. KWS is convinced that solar is the energy of the 21st century. This smart, universal and resilient zero-carbon energy presents mature and evolving technology which can be rapidly implemented.

Combining agility, power skills and 15 years of experience, KWS provides council and support to allow it's clients to get all the keys go fast and to define the future of the solar market.

From it's foundation, Kilowattsol has sought to combine high-efficiency innovations with sustainable manufacturing and equitable work practices. Our company adopts an integrated approach to the management of social and environmental risks associated with its activities.

Human Rights & Labor practices

  • We strive to empower all our employees, ensuring that diversity and equality are part of Kilowattsol’s responsible HR management practices.

  • Equal pay for men & women for equal work

  • Staff with disabilities: 10% of employees

  • 40% of the team works from home since 2018

  • Ergonomic work set up for everybody

Commitment to a continual improvement process in environmental management.

  • Waste sorting in offices & kitchen since 2011

  • Daily commute home / office

    • Biking: 12%

    • Public transportation: 34%

    • Private car: 10%

    • Trotinette: 11%

    • By foot: 33%

  • Since 2013, kiloWattsol’s company car is hybrid

At kilowattsol, we convey our values and social responsibility through our business relationships.

Focus on Client support

  • Protecting the privacy of our customers, vendors and employees is critical to our ability to maintain their trust. We take precautions to safeguard sensitive information, to include customer data.

  • Our online Privacy Policy alongside information on how FedEx protects customer privacy and resources to help customers identify, report and mitigate risks.