Since 2007, KWS is France's 1st technical advisory for solar projects supporting photovoltaic and renewable energy actors worldwide in their projects.

As an independent company, kiloWattsol is owned and directed by a board of experts which allows our work to be innovative and objective. Our priority is to understand and answer our clients needs through advanced tailored solutions.

We are convinced that renewable energy is a major player of the future.

For over 13 years, kiloWattsol has used its knowledge of cutting-edge photovoltaic and storage technology to provide you with expert auditing services.

We bring value to our customers in 50 countries over 5 continents

Our main tailor-made services

making projects and technologies bankable.

Energy Production Assessment

We provide advanced modelling of complex and innovative technologies as well as climate checks of high quality through various data sources. These processes allow us to conduct more accurate greenfield and brownfield PV yield assessments worldwide.

Customised Technical Due Diligence

kiloWattsol performs appraisals of the assets valuation and technical risks and opportunities of your projects to support you in your investment and acquisition endeavours. As the market and technologies are in constant evolution and changes rapidly, kiloWattsol vocation, with our team knowledges and market understanding is to advise your project with adapted risks and opportunities sharp evaluation.

Consultancy Services

We offer high-end personalised guidance backed by extensive industry experience to tackle complex questions on a wide variety of technical, economic and strategic topics. Such as Bankability studies, Market analysis-strategy, Transaction technical advisory support, Call for tenders support, Outbound flow evaluation, PV modelisation, Artificial Intelligence tools for data-room analysis. For several years, kiloWattsol has been the privileged advisor of inverter manufacturers. kiloWattsol has developped extensive skills on continuous technology monitoring, technology expectancy, pre-market-release analysis & advice (e.g. bifacial, storage, heterojonction, data analysis, etc.)


We perform in-depth bankable audits for products, manufacturing factories and PV plants. kiloWattsol has a recognised valuation on distressed assets and business plans.

They trust kiloWattsol

Project Owners, Energy Buyers, Utility Company, Developers, EPC contractors, IPP, Manufacturers, Banks, Sponsors, Investment Funds, Lenders.

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