Since 2007, kiloWattsol is France's 1st technical advisory for solar projects supporting photovoltaic and renewable energy actors worldwide in their projects.

We are the sparring partner consultancy, the climbing spotter of our clients. Computing agility, power skills and large vision provide kiloWattsol with a unique set of gears to delivers quality advices and support to its customers.

We have supported our clients with great pleasure throughout this year and we thank all for placing their trust in us.

As an independent solar expert, our priority is to understand and answer our client's specific needs through advanced tailored solutions. kiloWattsol is directed by a board of experts which allows our work to be objective and innovative.

We are convinced that solar is THE energy of the 21st century

For over 14 years, kiloWattsol has used its knowledge of cutting-edge photovoltaic and storage technologies to be a flexible expert partner for its clients. We provides customised studies leading to the most appropriate solution for your needs and objectives and help you secure and manage your projects, technologies and strategic investments.

We bring value to our customers in 50 countries over 5 continents

Innovative Technologies

Floating solar


Clustering analysis for distressed assets
Degradation assessment
Hybrid coupling (Solar, Wind, Hydro & H2)
Audit & Technical Due Diligence

They trust kiloWattsol

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